Jessica Bell LMHC, LPC

Mosaic Minds Counseling, LLC
150 Busch Drive 77171
Jacksonville, Florida 32226
ADA Accessible
Phone: 904-467-4668
Narrative of Services:

Mosaic Minds Counseling has multiple practitioners that provide online therapy to treat OCD. Online therapy has been shown to have GREAT outcomes for those who are participating in ERP, since you are doing exposures in your environment.
Jessica specializes in working with clients around sexual, contamination, and harm obsessions. Kristi and Sergio also have experience with ERP and clients diagnosed with OCD on their caseloads.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Therapist specialities in addition to OCD with Mosaic Minds Counseling:
Jessica B.: depression, trauma, skin picking and hair pulling
Kristi R.: body image, trauma, chronic illness
Ana T.: depression, anxiety, experienced with severe OCD symptoms (worked with clients at PHP and IOP levels)
Jessidra C.: trauma, ADHD, self-esteem, anxiety, depression
Sergio P.: grief, ADHD, trauma, depression, anxiety

Training Description:

Multiple practitioners at Mosaic Minds Counseling have worked in a variety of settings to address OCD symptoms (some at private practice and some with higher levels of care for severe symptoms at PHP and IOP levels).
Therapists also continuously take trainings and read to continue to grow skills within ERP and to work with individuals diagnosed with OCD and co-occurring diagnoses.

Diversity Statement:

Both male and female clinicians work within Mosaic Minds Counseling, LLC. Ethnicities of several therapists within the practice are latino/a, white, and black.

Cultural competency is especially important when providing a safe space to work with clients. Our therapists work with individuals within the LGBT+ community and some have experience with letter writing for gender-affirming procedures. Our therapists are encouraged to leave space in sessions with clients to discuss the impact of microaggressions and racial trauma.