Deloria Berks, LCSW-R

Social Worker
41 E. 11th Street
Suite 40
New York, New York 10003

Narrative of Services:

I have a full-time busy practice. Approximately 65% of the practice is related to anxiety and 25-30% are varying degrees of OCD. My therapeutic approach is primarily geared toward helping individuals uncover their true potential and discover a life to celebrate, one that increases Self Leadership. It embraces cognitive interventions for OCD and anxiety as well as psychodynamic exploration to understand how buried emotional history is often center-stage of present challenges (aside from the OCD.) Therapy opens a door to conquer anxiety, panic or cope with depression, and learn to manage trauma memories or substance misuse.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I trained with the University of PA Anxiety Clinic for OCD which is one the most debilitating of all anxiety disorders, requiring a unique approach to unblend from the repetitive noise. I work with OCD utilizing EX/RP along with Internal Family Systems which moves toward more Self Leadership. OCD no doubt is irrational, requiring a supportive team to allow healing and reasonable freedom. I also lead a support group that meets monthly on a Friday evening for an affordable fee of $60. In addition to my work with OCD, I have over 10 years post grad Institute and Trauma training.

Diversity Statement:

The OCD support group is an important component for healing. Although we meet only once a month, the Psyco-Education and client sharing keeps individuals motivated and determined. The Group experience of realizing one is not alone is an enormous relief. There is no commitment required and if someone has to leave early, it is quite alright. OCD can be totally irrational. The need for perfect certainty can be an endless cycle. Obsessive Thinking and intrusive thoughts can be one of the most tormenting symptoms of anxiety to overcome. The group opens the door to unburden the experience for all.