Menije Boduryan-Turner, PsyD

20300 Ventura Blvd
Suite #330
Woodland Hills, California 91364
United States

Narrative of Services:

I treat co-occurring disorders, such as addiction and mood/anxiety disorders. The treatment structure will be individualized to the client’s needs. Some factors that will dictate the structure of treatment are the longevity of the client’s recovery, the severity of the symptoms, impairment in their social and occupational functioning.

Training Description:

I completed the intensive 3-day training in BTTI by IOCDF. I also completed additional training in CBT, DBT, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. I also completed ERP online certification course. I have been working with individuals with OCD since 2012 in drug and alcohol treatment centers. In my current private practice, I work with adults individually to address their symptoms of OCD to help them get unstuck and live their ideal lives.

Diversity Statement:

I have extensive experience in working with people from different multicultural populations, including diverse ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs. I was born and raised in Turkey and therefore understands the effects of biculturalism and acculturation.

During my doctoral graduate courses and post-licensure, I completed a variety of classes and involved in professional training to maintain my cultural competence and strengthen my skillset to work with diverse populations.