Kimberly D. Brady LMHC

1403 S Grand Blvd
Ste 206N
Spokane, Washington 99203
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

The majority of my client base is OCD spectrum disorders, roughly 75%. I also treat social phobia (social anxiety) agoraphobia and panic disorder, specific phobia and generalized anxiety.

Training Description:

I have completed speciality training in CBT for Anxiety and various trauma interventions including TF-CBT, CBT for anxiety, depression and behavior, and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) through UW Medicines Harborview Abuse and Trauma Center. I have training and experience in various exposure focused interventions including Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention. I started my private practice in 2019 to specialize in treating anxiety disorder and OCD spectrum disorders. I have completed training in CBT and ERP through The Center for OCD and Anxiety in Pittsburg, PA The Knowledge Tree and the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (BTTI).