Esther Brass, PhD

1760 Solano Ave
Suite 301
Berkeley, California 94707

Narrative of Services:

Provides bi-lingual services in Spanish as well as Hebrew. I am an individual psychologist in private practice working collaboratively with adults with anxiety disorders, depression, and/or undergoing life transitions, relationship problems, and stress. With OCD, I use chiefly Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), guiding and supporting clients through this challenging therapy. I also use mindfulness and cognitive strategies, particularly "Brainlock's" steps and educating people about OCD's thinking errors.

Training Description:

I am a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist who began working with OCD in the mid-1990's. I attended the International OCD Foundation's Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) in 1996 and completed the follow-up supervision, earning the certificate of completion for the program. Over the years, I have taken many workshops dealing with OCD and try to keep up with recent research and clinical findings by attending conventions and conferences- ABCT, ADAA, CBT World Congress, and IOCDF. I read the IOCDF quarterly newsletter and have consulted with CBT colleagues regarding cases as needed.