Angi Brown MA

Virtual Office
Narrative of Services:

My practice is 100% clients with OCD. I have been treating OCD for 2 and a half years and have had much success helping clients learn and implement ERP. I also often use some EMDR, Gestalt and Existential therapies to supplement after the OCD is starting to quiet down through exposure.

Training Description:

I received training in ERP from a psychologist in my city. After the training I was in a group consultation with her as I implemented the training with clients. Now I am currently in two peer consultation groups with her and other OCD therapists.

Diversity Statement:

I have lived a total of 13 years abroad in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Germany. I am bilingual and bicultural through this experience. I speak Russian and am conversational in German. This allows me a great deal of flexibility in my views which aids in working with all types of clients. I have graduate training in anthropology and sociology as well. People individually and collectively are fascinating.