Wayne Brunell MD

1953 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
ADA Accessible
Phone: 617-234-4405
Narrative of Services:

I offer ERP, ACT, Habit Reversal, and medication treatment of OCD and related disorders. At this point in my career, I have treated thousands of patients with OCD and related disorders. When I was at the MGH OCD clinic, OCD was about 85% of my practice. Now, in my private practice, I would estimate around 50%.

Training Description:

I have been treating patients with OCD and related conditions since 1988. I worked at the OCD clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School for four and a half years with Michael Jenike and numerous other OCD experts. Prior to that and since, I have attended many symposia and workshops on OCD and related conditions. I have also given lectures on OCD, and I have taught the Residents at Cambridge Hospital / Harvard Medical School about OCD in general and ERP. I am a member of the ACT Collaborative (Boston area), and the Harvard Medical School faculty.

Diversity Statement:

I have treated patients of many different cultural groups over the years.

I have attended the American Psychiatric Association Continuing Medical Education meeting every year except one or two since 1985. I have attended symposia on treating multicultural populations at some of those meetings.