Katie Buntin LCSW

853 Florida 436
Suite 1051
Casselberry, Florida 32707
ADA Accessible
Website: www.fringecc.com
Narrative of Services:

My private practice specializes in treating PTSD, OCD and related disorders. All of the therapists that work at my practice are formally trained in ERP and participate in ongoing professional development. Currently, 90% of the clients on my caseload have a diagnosis of OCD. We practice LGBTQ+ affirming and neurodivergent-affirming care models.

Training Description:

I have been in practice for over 8 years. am formally trained in ERP and I-CBT for OCD. I am also BTTI trained in CBIT via the Tourette Association of America. I attend regular consultation and stay informed of the latest research in the field. In addition, I have lived experience with OCD and a passion for combining holistic mind-body-spirit practices with evidence-based treatment.

Diversity Statement:

Approximately 50% of the clients at my practice identify as LGBTQIA+. We are strong advocates for the decolonization of mental health and access to care for marginalized and historically oppressed populations. Through advocacy and special programs, my practice supports access to care for BIPOC and people of the global majority.

I obtained formal education and training in cultural competences in my graduate program. My post-grad work in public education provided valuable experience with diverse populations, including the unhoused population. I participate in consistent self-study and professional development relating to diverse populations, including gender-diversity and the BIPOC population.