Judith C Cardell LPC

919 Pine Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302-4020
Phone: 608-216-6954
Narrative of Services:

I have been a therapist for a very long time, since 1990. My therapy is limited to the severe anxiety disorders. Besides seeing clients in my office, I offer Invivo sessions out of the office, and also do home visits when essential for treatment. I have treated over 100 individuals with severe anxiety. Approximately 75% of my clients are in the OCD spectrum. At this time I am partially retired and have a half time practice.

Substance abuse is a frequent co-occuring disorder within the spectrum of OCD disorders. I require that clients fully abstain from their addictive substance during treatment with me. If clients need to detox from their substance, this must be managed before any treatment can be effective.

Training Description:

I have specialized in the treatment of severe anxiety disorders since 1990. I have attended many annual OCF conferences and attended The BTI in 1999. Since then I have incorporated ACT and CBT into treatment that is primarily ERP. OCD treatment is not effective without full inclusion of Exposure and Response Prevention. My therapy is limited to severe anxiety disorders.

Diversity Statement:

The common denominator for my practice is severe and disabling anxiety. I find severe anxiety a true example of cultural intersectionality. Racism, sexism, classism are all laid low by incapacitating anxiety disorders.