Antonia Caretto, PhD

25882 Orchard Lake Road
Suite 201
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336

Narrative of Services:

I have a solo private practice. Though I do not bill insurance directly, I provide a monthly statement that may be submitted for reimbursement by the subscriber. I typically see patients weekly and expect them to do ERP daily. I do not do in-home treatment but will do in-vivo exposure duing appointments. I do public speaking about OCD and have conducted groups for children and parents. My preference is to begin ERP without use of medication, if possible. I do treat patients already on medication and refer patients to a Psychiatrist when appropriate.

Training Description:

I have nearly twenty years of experience treating OCD in children, teens, and adults in inpatient and outpatient settings. I am a member of the Advisory Board for the OCD Foundation of Michigan and contributor to their newsletter. I collaborate with Physicians, school personnel, and family members in order to achieve the optimal outcome for my patients. I have also provided training and supervision to other professionals.