Christina Casci Byington LCSW, LAC

Social Worker
300 S Jackson Street, Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80209
ADA Accessible
Phone: 720-515-8380
Narrative of Services:

My practice offers sessions in person, via teletherapy and ERP in your home or the community. I have treated hundreds of individuals with OCD and related disorders. My caseload is typically 90% individuals with OCD spectrum disorders and anxiety disorders.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I am dually credentialed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Addictions Counselor. Treatment with a substance use disorder and OCD involves a combination of ERP and Motivational Interviewing. In treatment we will focus on both trauma and triggers attached to use, as well as exposure therapy.

Training Description:

I have worked in mental healthcare for 14 years, and specialize in treating OCD spectrum disorders with exposure and response prevention (ERP.) I received intensive training in OCD and ERP from the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. I have also been trained by the IOCDF, and participate in ongoing consultation groups, as well as continuing education.