Neal Christensen PhD

1190 N Mohrland
Salt Lake City, Utah 84528
Phone: 8013103381
Narrative of Services:

I have seen an increase in adolescents who experience OCD, along with other anxiety conditions, in the last 5. Adolescents with various anxiety conditions comprise about 80% of my clientele, while OCD comprises about 15% of my clientele annually. About 90% of my clientele experience ADHD and autism, and experience anxiety, depression and a compulsive behavior including digital media overuse and/or substance abuse.

Training Description:

I work with adolescent clients who experience OCD who are enrolled in a wilderness therapy program. I treat and support adolescents in naturalistic settings, who are learning to cope more effectively with OCD. I have been treating adolescents who experience OCD for five year. I have completed the Pediatric BTTI training and have participated in a consultation group, along w pediatric specific OCD training through Mass General Hospital. Often, these clients also experience other neuro-developmental conditions.