James M. Claiborn, PhD


IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board Member

205 Ocean Ave
Portland, Maine 04103

Narrative of Services:

My practice is focused on treating OCD and related disorders, including OCD, BDD, repetitive body focused behaviors (Trichotillomania, Excoriation or skin picking), tic disorders. I provide teletherapy to individuals in states where I am licensed, CA, DE, ME, NH, and NY. I offer OCD related coaching services via Internet connection internationally.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I have been working with individuals providing CBT including ERP for OCD since 1986. I attended the first BTTI and was faculty at a BTTI. I have attended multiple continuing education programs on treatment of OCD and related disorders and have presented at the IOCDF annual conference and other settings multiple times. I am a member of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory board of the IOCDF. I am Board Certified in Counseling Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology and a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.