Kimberley Clayton Blaine LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Early Childhood Developmental Specialist

1443 East Washington Blvd #185
Pasadena, California 91104
ADA Accessible
Phone: 310-497-0088
Narrative of Services:

A quarter of my private practice have OCD, PANS, PANDAS. Many children with untreated ADHD or ASD may also co-occuring OCD. Dr. Patrick Whelan from UCLA, and I often refer to each other.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Children with PANS, PANDAS, ADHD, Cognitive disengagement syndrome (CDS), ASD/PDA, Sensory Processing, DMDD, Anxiety and Depression. ERP with CBPT and PMT for parents.

Training Description:

I provide in office intensive child therapy (CBPT) Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy and interactive online play sessions for children who need therapeutic services. I am licensed to diagnose and treat mental health and developmental disorders of early childhood. I assist parents in supporting the emotional development of their child – I’m certified in the “Parents as Teachers” Evidence-Based home-visitor model. expertise is in Trauma-Informed Care, neurodevelopmental disorders and science-based strategies for treating ADHD and Pediatric OCD. I provide therapy for individuals and consultation to families, organizations, and schools who care for children age birth to 14.