Brittany F. Cook LCSW

Social Worker
ADA Accessible
Phone: 312-878-4521
Narrative of Services:

I work with Native American Indians through Oneida Behavioral Health. I specialize in treating OCD and OC related disorders and am able to provide a combination of exposure and response therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy in order to drastically reduce or eliminate OCD symptoms in patients of all ages.

I also provide cognitive behavioral therapy tailored toward Body Dysmorphic Disorder and am able to treat some eating disorders.

Training Description:

I first learned about OCD through work at Rogers Hospital where I was supervised by a clinical psychologist and worked across an OCD program for children. I have continued to seek training and education related to OCD and OCD-related disorders over a period of several years since leaving Rogers Hospital and am able to offer multifaceted OCD treatments in outpatient care.

Diversity Statement:

I work with Native American Indians, specifically the Oneida population and have culturally-specific training in order to do so.