Katie Croft-Caderao PhD

3626 North Hall Street
Suite 550
Dallas, Texas 75219
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Croft-Caderao’s treatment approach focuses on exposure-based CBT (exposure and response prevention), meaning that she helps clients change problematic thought and behavior patterns. An important part of her work is empowering clients to develop new strategies for improving their symptoms–in a sense, to become their own therapist–so that therapy does not have to last forever. The overall goal is to help free clients of anxiety so that they can focus more on the meaningful aspects of their lives. Each treatment is tailored for the individual, with emphasis on a supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship, empowerment, and often humor.

Training Description:

Dr. Croft-Caderao is a clinical psychologist who specializes in short-term and solution-focused treatment for anxiety and obsessive compulsives disorders. She works in group private practice at Dallas CBT, an outpatient therapy clinic focused on empirically-supported cognitive behavioral treatment for anxiety and OCD. Evening and some weekend appointments are offered, and intensive outpatient treatment is available when needed.