Suzanne M. Davino PhD

100B Danbury Rd, Suite 202B
Ridgefield, Connecticut 06877
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Davino treats OCD patients ages 10 and up with ERP and related cognitive-behavioral techniques, and parents, families, caretakers and partners with SPACE or adapted SPACE techniques.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Dr. Davino is an experienced DBT therapist and specializes in assisting patients and their parents to achieve better emotion regulation. She is also certified in Prolonged Exposure therapy for trauma. She believes in treating sleep disorders and improving executive function skills in the service of improved emotional health. Finally, Dr. Davino is a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America and is sensitive to mental health issues related to climate change.

Training Description:

Dr. Davino has been treating patients with OCD since 1998, and worked at Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants in White Plains, NY, for approximately ten years, where she participated in trainings and a consultation team focused on OCD treatment as well as other cognitive behavioral remedies. Dr. Davino was trained in SPACE and SPACE-FTL, and she participated in a SPACE consultation group and continues to participate in individual consultation. Most recently, she attended training in advanced ERP techniques through the Center for Anxiety and Behavior Therapy in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Diversity Statement:

Dr. Davino welcomes patients regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or ability level.