Elisha Dekort, PsyD

309 Dundas Street East
Unit 1
Waterdown, Ontario L0R2H1
Phone: 905-616-6572

Narrative of Services:

Lotus Counselling Services is a psychotherapy clinic consisting of a team of mental health professionals who have various areas of specializations including OCD and Substance Use Disorders. At Lotus, we use Exposure and Response Prevention therapy for the treatment of OCD and will often supplement this treatment with ACT and Mindfulness strategies for relapse prevention. Our team engages in regular supervision, team consultations, and training to continue to stay up to date on advances in treatment and research for OCD.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): No

Training Description:

My journey as an OCD therapist began after several years of working as a Psychotherapist focusing on addictions and mental health. I completed several years of CBT specific training with McMaster University. OCD came into my life personally before it did professionally. I have come to focus my practice and professional development on the treatment of OCD because I am passionate about working with those living with this disorder to get their lives back and put OCD in it’s place!