Michelle Dexter PhD


Clinical Psychologist

24520 Hawthorne Blvd
Suite #208
Torrance, California 90505-5890
Phone: 4248350862
Narrative of Services:

Our practice includes individuals who have extensive experience and research related to treating anxiety and related disorders. I have had 1-4 patients with OCD on my caseload since 2015. Patients symptoms presentation and severity are assessed using the Y-BOCS and treated using EXRP. Categories of OCD successfully treated include patients with aggressive obsessions, contamination obsessions, sexual obsessions, somatic obsessions, scrupulosity, and “not-just-right” obsessions.

Our practice uses case conceptualizations grounded in cultural humility and multicultural considerations.

Training Description:
Dr. Dexter has been treating patients who meet criteria for OCD for six years. She has attended a number of trainings and received supervision by experts from UCLA, University of North Carolina, and University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Dexter provides training on EXRP for psychology interns and psychiatry residents.
I have worked at various universities in California and engaged in ongoing trainings and seminars to enhance cultural competency and humility related to cultural factors including ethnic identify, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical health, and legal status.