Mary Dierker, LMFT

479 Byrlee Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237

Narrative of Services:

Half of my practice is devoted to OCD and HD. I have treated over 100 individuals with OCD or HD. My contact with clients has been through individual therapy and support groups.

Primarily I treat clients with all types of OCD and Hoarding Disorders. Additionally, I address depression, anxiety and sleeping problems that commonly accompany OCD and HD.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: No

Training Description:

For the last eleven years I have been treating OCD and HD clients. I have attended IOCDF conferences for the last five years. Additionally, I attended an autism conference held in Pittsburgh. Also, I have attended the OCD advocate conference held in Denver.

Diversity Statement:

My client population is made up of Hispanic, African American and Caucasian individuals. This group people represents the multi-ethnic population where I work.

My experiences with diverse groups of people represent my thirty years of experience in the military. As a military spouse I lived overseas for sixteen years. This experience taught me about understanding and respecting cultures different than my own.