Julie DiMatteo PhD, ABPP

340 W Passaic Street
Rochelle Park, New Jersey 07662
ADA Accessible
Phone: 201-844-9934
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Julie DiMatteo received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fordham University and a PhD in clinical psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She completed her APA-accredited internship at Northwell Health Zucker Hillside Hospital. In addition to receiving graduate and post-doctoral supervision in CBT and ERP for anxiety disorders and OCD, Dr. DiMatteo also completed the BTTI general training program for OCD and TLC Foundation training program for body-focused repetitive behaviors.

Training Description:

Dr. Julie DiMatteo is the co-founder of CBT Specialists of New Jersey, a private group practice that provides CBT for anxiety, depression, trauma, BFRBs, and OCD. The majority of cases that present for treatment with Dr. DiMatteo are diagnosed with anxiety disorders and/or OCD.