Peter Dopp PsyD

150 Pleasant Street Suite 108
Easthampton, Massachusetts 01027
Narrative of Services:

I have provided outpatient therapy to a total of about two hundred adults with various forms of OCD in my solo private practice. I conduct therapy for those residing in Massachusetts via telehealth and in person. About two thirds of my current clientele are dealing with OCD which I treat primarily through Exposure and Response Prevention. I also offer cognitive-behavioral therapy for other anxiety disorders and insomnia.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

CBT for other anxiety disorders and insomnia

Training Description:

I have treated OCD in adults since about 2015 with regular paid consultation from a local psychologist with extensive experience treating OCD. I attended a basic and advanced multi-day intensive trainings by the IOCDF.

Diversity Statement:

Prior to obtaining my doctorate in clinical psychology, I was engaged in anti-racism projects and other community-based programs serving diverse populations across Massachusetts.