Sapna Doshi PhD

600 Pennsylvania Ave
Suite 340
Washington, District of Columbia 20003
ADA Accessible
Phone: 5713287408
Narrative of Services:

50% of our clients at Mind Body Health are clients who struggle with OCD or OC Related disorders. It is one of our main specialty areas.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I treat co-occuring disorders such as PTSD, eating disorders, depression, and other anxiety disorders. A target when treating co-occurring disorders is to address the common experiential avoidance through targeted exposures. When necessary, we include other professionals in a clients’ care such as including a dietitian who can help manage eating disorder symptoms, or working collaboratively with a psychiatrist to find medication that might be useful in conjunction with therapy.

Training Description:

I have been utilizing ERP for OCD for 10 years in my practice now. I also enjoy incorporating ACT into my work with clients who struggle with OCD to address areas of life where clients may also be struggling with experiential avoidance and cognitive rigidity that may be hindering their ability to connect with their values. I attend weekly peer supervision meetings with other OCD specialists for case consultation. I am attend regular continuing education seminars on topics related to OCD treatment.

Diversity Statement:

I am a South Asian American therapist and enjoy working with individuals who have multicultural concerns in the context of treatment. A significant portion of my caseload is comprised of ethnic minorities.

A significant portion of my caseload is comprised of ethnic minorities. At my practice, we hold a monthly social justice meeting where we discuss articles, books, and webinars on topics affecting minority populations in the mental health arena. I attend a monthly South Asian therapist peer supervision meeting as well for case consultation. As part of my licensing requirements, I am completing diversity continuity education credits as well.