Malissa E Duckworth LCSW

Social Worker
284 German Oak Dr., Suite 100
Memphis, Tennessee 38018
ADA Accessible
Phone: 901-268-2562
Narrative of Services:

Most of my practice, close to 90 percent, presents with OC spectrum disorders. I am one of a handful of therapists in the local area trained and specialized in the treatment of this population.

Training Description:

I completed the BTTI offered at Rogers Memorial in Wisconsin. Upon completion, I received supervision from two internationally respected trainers/authors in the OCD treatment community. I have continued treating OCD spectrum disorders for the past 10 years while simultaneously seeking to learn and refine my skill set. I am trained in the treatment of tics/Tourette’s and BFRBs as well as post traumatic stress disorder. I am proud to say I am successful with the use of ACT with ERP and Habit Reversal.

Diversity Statement:

I worked in the Center for Developmental Disabilities for some years in addition to my private practice. As a result, I was trained in and provided training in cultural competence and best practices in working with diverse populations, especially those impacted by disabilities.

Treatment Group:

Starting February 2022, I will be offering a “Family Accommodation” skills training and process group. I will be looking at one group via telehealth and another live in the office. More information can be found on my website.