Melissa Dufrene PsyD


Co-Owner of Rise Center for OCD and Anxiety

3500 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
ADA Accessible
Phone: 504-977-2229
Narrative of Services:

Rise Center for OCD and Anxiety aims to increase access to effective OCD services by offering group treatment programs and training to mental health professionals. This practice opened in July 2021. For the last several years, more than 50% of Dr. Dufrene’s therapy patients have met the criteria for an anxiety-related disorder. Over the course of her career, Dr. Dufrene has treated or evaluated dozens of individuals with OCD.

Training Description:

Dr. Dufrene is Board Certified (ABPP) in Clinical Psychology. Her training in ERP began in 2011 when she completed a portion of her pre-doctoral internship at the Residential OCD Center for Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, WI. At Rogers, Dr. Dufrene was supervised by a member of the IOCDF Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board. Dr. Dufrene was a co-founder of the non-profit, OCD Louisiana, in 2018. She has been a co-owner of Rise since 2021. Dr. Dufrene has effectively worked with the spectrum of OCD, including perfectionism, religious scrupulosity, and P-OCD.

Diversity Statement:

Dr. Dufrene enjoys working in the Greater New Orleans area because of the depth of diversity among its residents and visitors. Rise is easily accessible to public transportation and is handicap accessible.

Dr. Dufrene places an emphasis on addressing cultural diversity. This has been a focus of training since graduate school when she participated in a group called Study Circles Against Racism during graduate school. This group helped Dr. Dufrene identify her own biases and increased her comfort in addressing cultural differences. Her internship location (Rogers Memorial Hospital) was also selected in part, due to its diverse patient population. Dr. Dufrene’s response to cultural diversity was also assessed by peers at ABPP during her application for board certification.