Melissa Dufrene

3520 General Degaulle
New Orleans, Louisiana 70114

Narrative of Services:

More than 50% of my therapy patients meet criteria for an anxiety related disorder. During internship I worked with approximately 15 patients with OCD. Since becoming licensed I have treated or evaluated approximately 5 individuals with OCD.

Training Description:

Training in exposure and response prevention (ERP) was completed during pre-doctoral internship at the Residential OCD Center for Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, WI. At Rogers I was supervised by a member of the IOCDF Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board. Since becoming licensed in the state of Louisiana in 2014 I have been treating individuals with anxiety related disorders and OCD in an outpatient private practice setting.

Diversity Statement:

As a provider in the Greater New Orleans area I enjoy working with a diverse population. I prepared myself for practicing in New Orleans by participating in a group called Study Circles Against Racism during graduate school. This group helped me learn about my own biases and increased my comfort in addressing cultural differences. I also chose my internship location (Rogers Memorial Hospital), in part, due to its diverse patient population.