Deborah Efron LCSW

Social Worker
PO Box 6081
Albany, California 94706
Narrative of Services:

I work in private practice as a cognitive behavioral therapist. I offer evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for the treatment of mood disorders and specialize in the treatment of adults with anxiety disorders including OCD. I use a collaborative approach in setting treatment plans with a special emphasis on identifying and implementing the skills necessary to decrease the frequency and severity of symptoms.

Training Description:

I am an LCSW, licensed to practice in California. I have been treating patients with OCD since 1995. I first received intensive training on the use of ERP at the Stress Phobia and Panic Disorder Clinic at the Community Mental Health Center in Bloomington, IN. I was also a Visitor at the Beck Institute in 1995. I have attended many trainings over the years and in 2003-2004 worked under the supervision of a senior therapist at the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy