Alyse Eldred LMFT

5150 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Suite 200
Long Beach, California 90804
ADA Accessible
Phone: 562-317-7807
Narrative of Services:

I offer individual therapy to adolescents and adults. Approximately 85% of my caseload is dedicated to OCD clients. I have successfully treated OCD clients that were struggling with issues such as contamination, perfectionism, harm, checking, rumination, health, intrusive thoughts, sexuality and relationship OCD. I use both CBT and ERP to help my clients understand and gain control of their OCD and any co-occuring disorders. I am dedicated to helping you succeed and feel in control of your life.

Training Description:

In May of 2018 I attended the IOCDF Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) in Portland, OR which has given me information, tools and ongoing support that I have been able to confidently put in to practice and use to help my clients with OCD. In October 2020 I joined NOCD as a therapist for a year where I treated OCD clients and received additional supervision and training. I have successfully helped many clients with various OCD themes and I am constantly educating myself through consultation groups and trainings to better support and help my clients recover from their OCD.