Jason Elias, PhD


Director of Psychological Services and Clinical Research, McLean OCD Institute

115 Mill St
Mailstop 207
Belmont, Massachusetts 02478

Narrative of Services:

My private practice is devoted primarily to OCD and related disorders. My treatment approach increasingly aligns with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and most of my patients are engaged in some form of ERP during the course of treatment. I am very interested in developing the careers of young, talented therapists in order to provide patients with high quality treatment at more affordable rates. I often have postdoctoral fellows and other clinical trainees working in my practice for this reason. Email is the most effective way to reach me.

Training Description:

I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Georgia, a program with a strong tradition in evidence based treatment and rigorous training in CBT and exposure therapy. I completed my Postdoctoral Fellowship at the OCD Institute at McLean Hospital, where I currently serve as Director of Psychological Services and Clinical Research.