Mary Englund PsyD

25 North River Lane
Suite 25458
Geneva, Illinois 60134
Narrative of Services:

The majority of those I work with in my tele-health private practice have OCD. For years now, I’ve specialized my practice to primarily treat OCD. I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Exposure and response prevention (E/RP), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in my treatment approach. I enjoy treating OCD via tele-health because this platform offers extensive exposure options, which give clients confidence in their ability to use the tools and move towards the life they want to live.

Training Description:

I have been treating OCD since 2007. One of my postdoctoral fellowships was at an Anxiety Clinic in Naperville, IL, where I worked with clients struggling with OCD and/or anxiety disorders in an outpatient private practice setting under the supervision of a psychologist in the field. Since 2007, I’ve attended multiple OCD webinars, continuing education workshops/conferences, including the International OCD Foundation’s Annual Conferences. I enjoy staying updated on the best practices in the field of OCD and psychology.