Erin Nghe LCSW

Social Worker

Owner of OCD Set Free, OCD Therapist

2849 B Henderson Mill Rd
Suite D
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
Narrative of Services:

We offer individual therapy to clients and can provide referrals to clients needing medication as a supplement to therapy. Our additional services include:

• Individual Family Sessions: Learn to cope with OCD’s affects on the family
• Relapse Prevention Sessions: Learn skills necessary to maintain recovery
• Booster Sessions: For former clients who need support with old & new issues
• OCD Grief Group: OCD sufferers connect their losses to the stages of grief
• Family Support Group: Families connect and offer support to each other
• Mindfulness 101 Group: Uses principles of acceptance & being present in OCD

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

OCD Set Free is an outpatient private practice, owned and operated by Erin Nghe. Erin has worked in mental health for the past 11 years and gained post – masters OCD training through the Louisville OCD Clinic. OCD Set Free offers services aimed at increasing access to OCD treatment and OCD awareness for OCD sufferers and clinicians. It supports its clients in reducing the stigma and shame often associated with OCD and provides the gold standard treatment for OCD – Exposure Response Prevention. Erin is a member of IOCDF’s Diversity Council and participant of IOCDF’s Behavioral Therapy Training Institute (BTTI).

Diversity Statement:

Through Erin‘s experiences living and working in Peru, Dominican Republic and Spain, she gained functional Spanish language skills and her comfort level in engaging individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds was developed. Erin also has experience with refugees of various ethnic and religious backgrounds due to working at the International Rescue Committee. Erin‘s refugee exposure was also gained while volunteering at the University of Louisville Hospital’s refugee clinic where she administered mental health assessments to Cuban refugees. Additionally, Erin is a former volunteer of the Latin American Association in Atlanta, GA.

Erin is committed to increasing mental health resources to those of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. She continues to enhance her professional growth through the following:

• Race Based Trauma training through the Louisville OCD Clinic

• Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Interpersonal Skills and Diversity – Awareness, Courage, Love and Behaviorism in the Therapeutic Relationship

• Diversity and Anti-Racism Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Intensive: Creating Meaningful and Effective Clinical Relationships Across Differences

• Depressive Disorders in African Americans – University of Louisville Depression Bootcamp Translation

• Development of training presentation on navigating professional boundaries for global health workers, working with refugee populations