Maria R. Estante LMFT, LPCC

Marriage and Family Therapist
2108 N Street
Sacramento, California 95816
Narrative of Services:

Practice is teletherapy only. Focused on OCD and PTSD. Services in CA, FL, MA, VA, and VT. Modalities used are EMDR, ERP, and ACT. Do not treat Excoriation, Trichotillomania, Hoarding or Tics.

Training Description:

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Habit Reversal Training (HRT) began in 2019 at Rogers Behavioral Health IOP and later in 2022 at NOCD for OCD, Trichotillomania, Hoarding, Excoriation and Tic Disorders. Also completed Basic training for EMDR and the Flash technique for treatment of trauma.

Diversity Statement:

We as a practice, and all our therapists, are committed to respecting the civil and human rights of people. We have no tolerance for violations of human and civil rights. We have zero tolerance for discrimination, intolerance, bigotry, oppression, and injustice of any kind Our counselors as individuals and as a team are dedicated to providing culturally responsive care that is grounded in cultural humility. This reflects our values as professionals and people. Our practice itself was formed by an immigrant and naturalized US citizen who not only immigrated once, but twice, legally in their life.

Inclusive oriented practice that welcomes people of color, immigrant/first generation, Asian-American Pacific-Islander, racial and multicultural identified persons and neurodiverse communities. Formal cultural competency training combined with diverse lived experience outside the United States. Extensive experience adjusting to diverse cultural, linguistic, and religious environments. Lived in 3 countries, dual citizenship, learned English as a child in 3 months, lived in multicultural cities outside the US with multilingual and multifaith communities. Immigration in particular is a process I have been very personally affected by. Special interest in immigration stress as a factor in OCD themes.