Eli Felt, PhD

90 Broad St
Suite 212
New York, New York 10004
Phone: 516-654-4949

Narrative of Services:

I provide exposure and response prevention treatment to individuals with moderate to severe OCD. I have had success treating individuals who have had unsuccessful courses of prior treatment which is analyzed carefully within the assessment. 100% of my patient caseload consists of individuals suffering from OCD/OC related disorders. I treat individuals with BFRB’s using HRT, CBIT, and other evidence based modalities to help reduce symptoms quickly.

Training Description:

I specialize in treating OCD (ranging from mild- complex presentations such as Pure-O, false memory OCD, and somatically focused OCD. I received training in third wave behavioral therapies such as ACT which inform my approach. I am trained in CBT and have advanced training from Elna Yadin, Ph.D. in evidence based behavioral treatments for OCD, TIC’s, anxiety, specific phobias, and BFRB’s (skin picking (excoriation), hair pulling (trichotillomania), nail biting (Onychophagia). I have had advanced training in ERP, CBIT, HRT, ACT, SPACE, MI, and prolonged exposure (PE). Additionally, I provide training for clinicians in diagnosing and treating OCD.

Diversity Statement:

For many, religious, cultural, and ethical values may be the content of intrusive thoughts. I am careful to consider these values when providing care. My goal is to help individuals learn how to deal with OCD within their value system.

I have provided exposure therapy for individuals from racially and economically diverse populations. I am particularly qualified to treat individuals with religious scrupulosity among the Orthodox/Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community given my extensive knowledge of Jewish law and culture.