Jennifer Ferrell-Hanington PsyD

125 West Pineview Street
Suite 1005
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
Narrative of Services:

I utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach, e.g. Exposure and Response Prevention and Cognitive Therapy, in a private practice, outpatient setting. My goal is to teach and to guide the patient in the application of this approach in order to empower the individual in developing management of the OCD symptoms. I also incorporate a total wellness approach by addressing any additional stressors or crises in the individual's life and encourage improvement in self-care and lifestyle, if necessary.

Training Description:

I have experience treating patients with OCD since 1992. My training and experience began at this time due to working with these patients during my predoctoral internship. My supervisor provided me the beginning of my training and guided me through these early cases. As I completed my internship and began my post-doctoral residency, I continued my education through workshops and in-depth reading of the current research in the area of OCD while working under my residency supervisor. Since that time, I have continued to pursue current knowledge in the field and have appreciated working with many OCD patients. This has allowed me to grasp the nuances of applying the standard approaches in a real life setting.