Allyson Ford LPCC

1233 22nd street
San Diego, California 92102
ADA Accessible
Phone: 253-414-7498
Narrative of Services:

I offer individual therapy for OCD. Roughly 40% of my practice is clients with OCD. The other 60% is clients with eating disorders. I specialize in both.

Training Description:

I have received supervision for treating OCD, have personal experience of OCD recovery with ERP, and have taken Kimberly Quinlan’s ERP school with 13 CEU’s. I also hold a MA degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and have been working with OCD for over one year.

Diversity Statement:

I have completed various trainings in multicultural counseling including a 6 month long training called Liberation Academy- which focuses on decolonizing mental health. I am deeply committed to social justice as a mixed race woman. I have a podcast dedicated to social justice and inclusion called Body Justice.