Blanche Freund PhD, RN

Psychiatric Nurse, Psychologist

Volunteer Associate Professor, UMiami Psychology Department

15200 Jog Road
Suite 303
Delray Beach, Florida 33446
Narrative of Services:

I am actively treating OCD with ERP or habit reversal for Trich. I am semi retired and do not do the 3-4 week intensives as I did for years at MCP and University of Miami. However, I am available for 2 sessions a week and follow-up sessions that colleagues in the field treat intensively and need continuing treatment in my area of practice, which is in Palm Beach County.

Training Description:

From 1981 to 1994 I worked in Dr Edna Foa's MCP Anxiety Treatment Clinic and I treated with ERP over 100 people with OCD from around the world. I did evaluations of OCD and Spectrum of perhaps another 100, who my colleagues treated.During that time I was involved in many developing treatments in the OCD spectrum and assisted in manualizing many of the present day treatments of choice for OCD spectrum disorders. I also coordinated early pharma research. I continued to do intensive ERP at the University of Miami Psychiatry Dept and had an International following. I now supervise grad students at UM in the Psychology program for Exposure methods such as PE and EMDR for PTSD treatment.