Victoria Frisse PhD

1662 Old Country Rd #313
Plainview, New York 11803
Phone: 516-599-6621
Narrative of Services:

I provide compassionate, specialized care for adults and adolescents presenting with OCD and Anxiety Disorders, with a focus on Exposure and Response Prevention. Approximately 85% of the caseload at my private practice is comprised of individuals with OCD and related disorders and I estimate that I have treated over 100 clients with OCD.

Training Description:

I have been providing CBT and ERP to adults, adolescents, and children with OCD and related conditions for over 14 years. My training included a 1-year-long outpatient rotation at the Bio-Behavioral Institute in 2009, receiving direct training and supervision from two of the current experts on the IOCD Scientific Advisory Board. I have also completed a 1-year rotation in the LIJ Child and Adolescent Outpatient Department with a focus on Anxiety Disorders, and a 1-year internship at Stony Brook University, where I saw Clients in the Anxiety Disorders Clinic. I have completed workshops in OCD and Perinatal OCD with UPenn.