Rebecca Garetz LPC

3407 S Corbett Ave
Portland, Oregon 97239
Narrative of Services:

Rebecca uses ACT, CBT, and ERP to treat OCD and anxiety disorders. She sees clients with OCD or who have OCD as a co-curring disorder, which may include ADHD and/or PTSD. About 90% of her caseload is OCD. Rebecca also enjoys working with relationship issues, life transitions, career change, sexuality, and spirituality.
Rebecca utilizes yoga, breath work, and mindfulness to target areas of stress, trauma, and anxiety in the body. She is a certified yoga teacher.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:


Training Description:

Rebecca has her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lewis & Clark College.
Rebecca finished her training in ERP through The Knowledge Tree taught by Dr. Becky Beaton-York and through The CBT School taught by Kimberley Quinlan, LMFT.

Diversity Statement:

Rebecca identifies as Jewish.

Rebecca’s training at Lewis and Clark College was key to Rebecca’s training around cultural competency. Through this education, Rebecca sees the individuals she works with from a systemic, cultural, and holistic lens.