Melissa A. Garzón MD, MPH

1175 Saratoga Ave. Ste 14
San Jose, California 95129
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

At Bay Area Clinical Associates we have a dedicated OCD specialty clinic in the Bay Area which consists of two Child Psychiatrists and two therapists. About 35% of my practice is dedicated to OCD, ideally, I would like to increase that number. I have worked with OCD or combined disorders for the past seven years but more focus work for the past three years.

Training Description:

I have worked with OCD patients during my Adult residency training and more so during my Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training at Stanford. I have worked with numerous patients providing medication management and offering CBT-ERP-ACT as combined treatment and sometimes as the primary treatment modality.

Diversity Statement:

I work as the director of the Spanish Mental Health Clinic and we offer culturally humble services to families who are bilingual or primarily Spanish speaking. I offer therapy and medication management in both English and Spanish.

I have extensive experience working with multicultural populations having trained in South America for medical school, specialized in Psychiatry in New Mexico, and pursued my fellowship in the Bay Area. I have worked with families with most ethnic and cultural backgrounds and practice with cultural humility and compassion.