April Genovese PsyD

1629 Avenue D
Suite C8
Billings, Montana 59102
ADA Accessible
Phone: 406-855-8450
Narrative of Services:

At my private practice, I specialize in anxiety disorders. I work with various “subtypes” of OCD (harm OCD, Scrupulosity, pOCD, Sexual fears, “retroactive jealousy,” relationship, contamination, thought related compulsions). I also work with depression, panic disorder, specific phobia/social anxiety. I’ve been treating OCD for over 7 years. I provide CBT and ERP and interoceptive exposures for panic disorder.

Training Description:

I trained at UCLA’s Anxiety Disorders Clinic and worked with their OCD outpatient program. I worked in two private practices that specialized in anxiety disorders. I worked with older adults and hoarding disorder. I was the Anxiety Disorders Specialist at Resilience Treatment Center and provided IOP and PHP for OCD. Since then, I’ve been in my private practice where I specialize in anxiety disorders and OCD.

Diversity Statement:

I work with older adults, adults, and sometimes adolescents if it is a good fit for the practice in terms of severity of symptoms and ability to participate fully in an outpatient setting Vs recommending IOP. Latinx, African American, Asian American, Native populations, LGBTQ+ are served.

During my doctorate program, I extensively trained in cultural competency and diverse populations. I provide telehealth to provide more access as Montana has limited access to mental health services and even less access to appropriate ERP treatment for OCD. I continue to take CEs on cultural competency and recently attended CEs related to rural ethics, which is something unique to my practice in Montana.