Jon Gooblar PhD

2019 17th Street
San Francisco, California 94103
Narrative of Services:

I provide ERP and draw from adjacent Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approaches. I have experience over the last 6 years adapting and troubleshooting barriers to progress, as well as using ACT as a framework to build motivation and action in exposure treatment.

I treat comorbid anxiety and mood disorders, as well as intersections with aging and life transitions.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: No

Training Description:

I trained at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute in the Intensive Outpatient Program for 3 years, and worked in several settings at VA Palo Alto and Stanford University providing outpatient treatment of OCD and related disorders. One of my interests is adapting Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) to the outpatient model and working contextually (i.e., considering individual differences) to treat OCD and related disorders.

Diversity Statement:

I have worked in settings serving diverse clients, including individuals with low income and resources, immigrants, people of color, and Veterans. I work contextually – meaning I consider and learn from my clients to adapt treatment strategies and refine my approaches.

Cultural competency was a cornerstone of my training. A primary training focus of mine is geropsychology, which considers contextual factors in the presentation and treatment of mental health problems.