Alicia Goodman PhD, NCSP


Clinic Director

214 E Monterey Way
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

We offer comprehensive evaluations, individual therapy and SPACE treatment options for parent training. We have provided treatment to over 50 individuals with OCD and/or related co-occurring conditions.

Training Description:

Treating OCD and co- occurring disorders since 2015, PANS/PANDAS, BFRB training, ERP training, CBT training.

Diversity Statement:

I have received extensive graduate school experience and practice in the field with the Hispanic/Latinx population and low SES population in working wtih a Title 1 school for 8 years. I also have experience with working in the private sector with very high income clients. I have experience treating neurodiverse individuals with ADHD or those who are Autistic as well as those who are twice exceptional and gifted.