Melissa B Gould MS, EdS, LPCC


Owner, Therapist

1999 South Bascom Avenue
Suite 700
Campbell, California 95008
Narrative of Services:

I provide individual therapy and parent coaching for children, adolescents and adults. Half of my practice involves treating OCD and the other half is dedicated to treatment of anxiety-related issues. These include tics, perfectionism, and body-focused repetitive behaviors like hair-pulling, skin-picking and nail-biting. I often treat panic attacks, agoraphobia, health anxiety. I can also help with the adjustment to new medical diagnoses through the combined use of CBT and ACT. I have experience treating anxiety and OCD resulting from PANS/PANDAS. I enjoy teaching kids about their brains to help reduce shame and increase acceptance.

Training Description:

My work as a therapist began in 2006 as a counselor and then clinical director for a child and adolescent residential treatment facility. As the years have gone by, I have narrowed the scope and nature of my therapy practice to treating anxiety, OCD and anxiety-based disorders. I attended the Pediatric BTTI in 2016 and the Advanced BTTI in 2018. I have completed certificate courses in CBIT for tics and ACT for adolescents. I continue to engage in advanced-level trainings to further my expertise in CBT, exposure therapy and the use of ACT in treating anxiety-related issues.