Sonia Greaven PhD

5016 Parkway Calabasas
Suite 212
Calabasas, California 91302
ADA Accessible
Phone: 818-797-4653
Narrative of Services:

Our practice provides treatment in-office and virtually; each clinician is available to meet clients in the community and in their homes as needed to provide CBT with ERP.

Approximately 50-75% of our clients are diagnosed with OCD or related disorders at any one time. I estimate that I have treated hundreds of individuals with OCD and OC Related Disorders.

Training Description:

All my clinical training has been in treatments that are evidence-based. I studied Clinical Psychology at a university with a strong emphasis on neuroscience and CBT; after obtaining a doctorate, I worked in a group private practice owned by psychologist affiliated with UCLA and specialized in ERP for anxiety disorders for 12 years. I now own a group practice in Calabasas specialized in treatment of high anxiety in high functioning individuals of all ages.

I attend the IOCDF conference yearly and have presented on such topics as OCD and sex, social anxiety and OCD in adolescence.

Diversity Statement:

I am Canadian and immigrated to the United States to complete my doctoral training. I work with individuals who are struggling with acculturation issues in addition to OCD. I am comfortable working in Spanish and in French.

All therapists in our practice are sex positive and comfortable talking about any aspect of sexuality and intrusive sexual thoughts.

I work with diverse populations and participate in training and/or have experience working with: foster children/families; LGBTQ+; Asian populations; Latino populations; African Americans; American Indian; Alaska Native. In addition, I have worked with immigrants from Central and South America, Europe, Middle East and Canada.