Bridget Hannahan, PhD

3168 Midtown Pk S
Ste E
Mobile, Alabama 36606

Narrative of Services:

Narrow Road Counseling offers outpatient cognitive- behavioral therapy, specifically TEAM-CBT, to clients with a variety of issues. Roughly 25% of current clients have OCD as a primary diagnosis. Scrupulosity is treated with TEAM-CBT and a deep understanding of Roman Catholic faith and practices. Clients of other religious traditions are welcome, as are clients dealing with other forms of OCD. Early identification and treatment of OCD is a particular focus at Narrow Road Counseling. Our psychologist completed her doctoral training in clinical psychology with a child & adolescent specialty. Young adults have been another focus of practice since 2011.

Diversity Statement:

Our psychologist has participated in brief courses to increase sensitivity in working with minority clients. Clients are encouraged to share their experiences during sessions and in a survey at the close of each session.

Training Description:

Since participating in intensive treatment with a family member in 2013, our psychologist has used ERP for clients with OCD. Currently a Level 2 TEAM-CBT Certified Clinician, she participates in group and 1:1 training toward Level 3 certification with trainers certified by the Feeling Good Institute. A 12-week course in applying TEAM-CBT with youth has been particularly helpful, as children & adolescents are about half of the current caseload. Prior experience includes 10 years in assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, 9 of those in a multi-disciplinary specialty clinic and one year in school-based evaluation throughout the state of Alabama.