Erin Harding-McNany LCSW

Social Worker

Owner of The OCD Treatment and Training Institute

4075 William Penn Hwy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15668
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

At The OCD Treatment and Training Institute (OTTI), I offer integrative outpatient therapy for individuals of all ages dealing with OCD and anxiety spectrum disorders. As a therapist and trainer, I prioritize comprehensive evaluations, empowerment through education, humor, and the cultivation of a strong rapport to unearth the essence of who you are.

I offer professional training opportunities tailored to meet specific needs, reflecting my commitment to passionately and competently educate mental health professionals and facilities across the United States. Additionally, I provide professional consultation and supervision services to support the development and expertise of mental health practitioners.

Training Description:

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a decade of experience specializing in OCD and anxiety spectrum disorders. I have worked at Pittsburgh’s Pediatric Intensive Program, where I served as a group clinician, working with severe OCD, and as a family therapist. I honed my expertise in Exposure Response Prevention treatment and addressed systemic family dynamics influenced by OCD. Later, I assumed the role of Director of Education and Development at The Center for OCD and Anxiety, dedicating 5 years to crafting a comprehensive training curriculum and onboarding new employees while nurturing their confidence and proficiency in OCD treatment.

Diversity Statement:

At The OCD Treatment and Training Institute (OTTI), I ensure a culturally competent and affirming therapeutic approach. Understanding that each individual’s cultural background shapes their experiences and perspectives, I ensure our therapy is respectful, inclusive, and tailored to each client’s unique needs. I am committed to creating a safe, supportive environment where clients from diverse backgrounds feel understood and valued. By integrating cultural sensitivity into my practice, I enhance the effectiveness of treatments and empower clients to embrace their identities confidently. At OTTI, your culture and individuality are respected and celebrated as essential parts of your journey to mental wellness.