Benjamin Harris MA, LCPC

Billings, Montana 59102
Narrative of Services:

Teletherapy available for MT residents

OCD & Anxiety Solutions offers individual therapy that can be provided weekly, or on an intensive (multiple sessions/week) basis. Treatment is provided in the context of where symptoms interfere, so working outside the office is a regular part of the treatment experience! Malls, restaurants, grocery stores, car/train rides, and schools are fair game! Home-based treatment is also an option. Families and support systems are closely involved and thoroughly integrated during the treatment process, as allowed.

Training Description:

My passion for treating OCD began in graduate school in 2004, and I have devoted my career to becoming an expert in the provision of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Exposure and Response Prevention. My practice is 100% devoted to the treatment of OCD- and Anxiety-related disorders. I have attended the IOCDF General and Pediatric BTTIs, and I regular attend and present at the annual IOCDF conference. I consult regularly with other experts in my field to ensure that my patients get the quality treatment they deserve!

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels? Yes