Griffin Harrow LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Psychotherapist

600 Sandtree Drive Suite 206B
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33403
ADA Accessible
Phone: 561-335-1925
Narrative of Services:

My practice is dedicated to helping children, adults, and families reclaim their lives from OCD, anxiety, panic, and related conditions, born out of my own journey of healing. My approach is built upon the most effective treatments in the field, alongside utmost compassion and respect. I utilize Exposure Response Prevention, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, SPACE, and create individualized treatment plans for individuals and families. My priority is ensuring that my clients feel supported and validated while taking the courageous steps of changing their lives.

Training Description:

I received training from the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine in Exposure and Response Prevention.

Working with clients to heal themselves from anxiety-related conditions is more than just my job, it is my calling. It would be my honor to serve as your guide.

Treatment Groups:

A weekly Exposure and Response Prevention and support group for Adults 18+

Group takes place in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, every Tuesday. Cost is $55/group.