Ashley S. Hart, PhD

300 West Main Street
Building A
Northborough, Massachusetts 01532
Phone: 774-701-0436

Narrative of Services:

My small, part-time private practice (Willow Tree Psychology, PLLC) is exclusively devoted to cognitive-behavioral treatment of OCD, OCD-related disorders (e.g., hair pulling disorder, skin picking disorder), and anxiety disorders in youth and adults. I primarily make use of exposure-based therapy with response prevention and integrate mindfulness- and acceptance-based approaches.

Training Description:

I am extensively trained in cognitive-behavioral therapies for OCD, BDD, body-focused repetitive behavior disorders, PTSD, and anxiety disorders. I have over 15 years of clinical experience and regularly participate in trainings in evidence-based practice through the IOCDF and other professional organizations. I was a staff member in the BDD Program at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University before I joined the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2013, where I currently engage in the majority of my clinical, academic and training activities as an Assistant Professor in the departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics.

Diversity Statement:

I am a white heterosexual cisgender female. I welcome the opportunity to work with individuals of different cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds, national origins, ages, religions, assigned sex, gender identities, and sexual orientations. It is important to me to learn about an individual’s cultural context and how this may affect the person’s symptoms and response to treatment.