John Hart, PhD

3739 Kirby
Suite 520
Houston, Texas 77098

Narrative of Services:

I provide evidence based treatment and my practice is dedicated to OCD-related disorders, anxiety disorders, and somatization disorders. I have treated hundreds of patients.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I have over 30 years experience treating obsessive-compulsive related disorders. Throughout that time I have been affiliated with The Menninger Clinic including the Menninger OCD Program, now the Houston OCD Program. Currently I have a private practice, Behavior Therapy of Houston, as well as doing diagnostic consultations for Menninger and consultation and specialty treatment at the Houston Methodist Behavioral Medicine Clinic. I have published several dozen research articles and have presented widely nationally and internationally on OCD and anxiety related subjects. I am a member of the BTTI faculty and am a board member of the Peace of Mind Foundation.