Heidi Hartston, PhD

5665 College Ave
Suite 340D
Oakland, California 94618

Narrative of Services:

I have specialized in treating OCD since 1993, in various psychotherapy clinics through UCSD and Stanford, and since 2001, in private practice. I have experience successfully treating any subtype of OCD including sexual obsessions, fear of harm obsessions, “pure O”, “relationship OCD”, as well as contamination fears, health focused OCD, magical thinking/superstitious, perfectionism, ordering/arranging and touch or repetitive behavior focused OCD. I use E&RP, CBT, Mindfulness techniques. And I can work integratively (using CBT, psychodynamic tools, DBT or ACT) with other issues that complicate or interfere with your progress.

Training Description:

I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the UCSD/SDSU joint doctoral program (1998), and I did NIMH funded Postdoctoral research at Stanford University, in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Adult OCD Clinic (1999-2001). My research and clinical focus has been in OCD, with related specialties in behavioral addictions (such as shopping or eating), Trauma, Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (such as trichotillomania), and relationship/couples therapy.